Feature Request: Dongle-Free!

I’m a composer, and on most of my compositions at some point I end up curled up on my couch with my MacBook Pro for hours (sometimes well into the night). This holds especially true when I’m preparing scores for a scoring session. Sibelius’ dongle-less activation works very well with the style and comfort of my life, and it would be great if Dorico could do the same. Having a dongle poking out of the side of my laptop makes it difficult to move, get comfortable, and there’s always a fear that I’m going to break the dongle off if I shift my body. It would be a small burden, but one that would be amplified by thousands of hours over time. Many activation options exist nowadays, such as a challenge/response, or cloud-based licensing. This would be vastly preferable to having a dongle poking out of the machine.

Thanks for the consideration!

This has been already discussed ad nauseam …

I don’t want to wade into the discussion about how much we all hate dongles particularly, but you can buy a short USB extender cable and plug that into your computer, and your dongle into it. Then there’s no danger of breaking the dongle, because the extender cable will bend if the dongle gets hit. Something like this should do it. http://www.uk.insight.com/en-gb/apps/productpresentation/index.php?alert=categoryresults&product_id=0000644978-00000001

…and you can come back home and put your dongle in your big Daw! :slight_smile:

If you don’t like the dongle, which is perfectly legal! :smiley: , you can have the software license in your laptop and maintain it there until you want to move it to a dongle. You cannot do the reverse now, and this is why I prefer (obtorto collo) the dongle! :wink: