Feature Request: Dongle System Replacement

I don’t understand why we have to use any kind of mechanical device for software protection. Banks and other big corporations like insurance Companies, Medical Facilities and the government don’t bother with this type security and they, respectfully, are dealing with much more valuable data.

So, why can’t we use a similar approach instead of this infuriating and disruptive dongle system?
You buy the software and install it. You register it and tell the software (& Co.) to remember this computer(s). Done. Now if you have to work on another computer, you simply log into the software, just like a bank customer. The bank sends you a temp password that’s good for 60 seconds (because the codes change every minute). You type in the generated password and get on with your work.
But “Wait,” you say. That’ll allow you to use the software on multiple computers on one license and cut into profits. Nonsense! Just assign a multiple use license. If the user is only supposed to use the software on one computer, then the logging in at another computer will not be allowed because it won’t be authorized.

Even better, you could generate MORE SALES by authorizing temporary passes for a day or week or month at the new location that could be purchased by the authorized user on site.
This, to me, seems like a “Win/Win.” The software is protected, and the authorized users get to work WITHOUT the threat of mechanical failures costing them time, or even the loss of business because of it.

What do you think?

Sorry buddy. There are already multiple topics on this, and Steinberg has officially announced a change is coming.