Feature Request Dorico 4+

As a new user (coming from Atari Notator to Sibelius via Finale…), I am seriously impressed with the thought that has gone into the ergonomics of inputting music in Dorico.
One small suggestion (which would help the learning curve): Have the keyboard shortcuts (which are myriad) show up as popovers for all the UI elements…They show up for most-- but not all-- of the buttons on the left side of the workspace (why not for tuplets?) but for none of the right toolbar, and not on the transport controls.
Also maybe implement the Window-Move to external display function, as (I am guessing) most users will use separate monitors pretty often.


Welcome to the forum @geoffry_wharton ! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Dorico so far.

Tooltips aren’t available for a number of buttons at the moment for technical reasons, but it’s intended they’ll make a triumphant return when possible.

As a new user, albeit one familiar with how notation software work by the sounds of it, you may enjoy some of our resources for new users – including our First Steps guide (a walkthrough written for Dorico 3.5 of creating and formatting a short piano piece) and all kinds of videos on the Dorico YouTube channel, such as this playlist for beginners.

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Thanks for the welcome and prompt response. It is appreciated!
If by “Transition from one user interface framework to another” you mean going to SwiftUI on Mac, I can feel your pain!
Good luck with that and sorry I started a new thread unnecessarily.

I think Dorico is transitioning from one major version of the Qt framework to a newer one. Fairly complex business.

Also you might find Help > Key Commands useful. It opens an interactive webpage that shows the current keyboard shortcuts (including any you have customized!) both on your keyboard layout and as a list, categorized by mode. It even has a search box, which I discovered just now!


Yes, I had discovered that, very nice!
But it is handy to have the tool tips in the program itself.