Feature request: Download Assistant show installed products

Steinberg Download Assistant does not identify which products are already installed in the machine.

It only identifies the items that you have downloaded alreadt, but only if you keep the download on disk after installing.

Since the Steinberg Content is very big, usually we don’t want to keep the downloaded files on disk.

But after we delete the downloaded files, it shows “Install” again. As if you don’t have that item installed at all. But it is installed and running properly.

So I would like to suggest to add a feature in Steinberg Download Assistant where it can show which items you have properly installed in the machine, to make it more clear to users which contents or programs they have installed and which ones they still haven’t installed.

This would be a great addition for the user experience, knowing which programs are indeed installed in their computer and which ones we still have to install.

Hopefully this makes sense to the developers.

All the best.

Starting with the opinion that such programs are a pestilence…
What’s needed is a proper Installation Centre, which is what a lot of software houses are adopting.
EG, EastWest’s effort:

Native Instruments’ Native Access is another.

Dump the DA and start over, with the altered focus. Combine the DA with the Activation Manager.

Agreed, IK, Native, EW, Arturia… they are way ahead of Steinberg on the Installation Center topic.

Also, to uninstall Steinberg products if you are moving to a new computer is really cumbersome, as you have to uninstall tens of products separately, even when they are contents of a main DAW.

Some improvement can be done here!