feature request: drag mixer channels left or right

hi, i would like to request a feature to be added to Cubase …my request is for the ability to grab a mixer channel with my mouse and drag the channels left or right to make my own channel order. Currently all we have is the magical order that Cubase has chosen for us. Most of the time, this is not the order i want for my mixer channels.

And no, i dont want to move or mess up my track order. just move and change my mixer channel order.

This is a fairly simple, fundamental request that will significantly increase workflow for virtually all users. Surely this is what you want Cubase to do…have features that directly assist with workflow for all? well here is one feature that would do exactly that. To be able to take the kick drum channel from Groove Agent 1 Vsti and place it next to the audio channel that has my snare drum is just fundamentally basic, but impossible?. I know it has been mentioned many times before on Steinberg forums, which has fallen on seemingly deaf ears, as it is still not implemented. However now with your new enthusiasm to listen to your users I hope you read this request Steinberg and this time act on it.


You do know VSTi output, Group and FX channels can be set in any order you like (almost)?

heya niles, can i take mixer channel from Groove Agent 1 vsti (eg output 3 of 16) and place it next to an audio channel? no.

Yes, you can do that by moving the GA1 output channel 3 (from the “VST instruments” folder in the project window) next to the audio channel.

by dragging the mixer channel left or right? no.

as i stated, i dont want to mess with my track order in the project window, thank you.

the project window order and mixer channel order should be independant. I dont want to make a complete mess of my project just to get two channels next to each other in the mixer . and my feature request is quite simple…mixer channels should be able to be dragged WITH THE MOUSE into different orders left and right. Thank you.


Sorry for being helpful, good luck!

youre cool niles, i know you were just trying to help. but its the excuse that has been given forever and it just doesnt cut it, its not good enough to mess up your project window and all your parts and therefore have your project turn into a complete dogs breakfast just to get two mixer channels next to each other in a completely separate window.

There are important reasons why producers group tracks together, and important reasons why producers group mixer channels together. and these are often independant reasons. why do we have the completely idiotic situation in Cubase where one relies on the other directly?



I hear you and I agree dragging mixer channels with a project layout independent mixer routing would be much more user friendly. I wasn’t aware the workaround was used as excuse.

This one gets my vote.
I actually wouldn’t mind the order in project view being affected also (such as it is now), but it would be way easier to be able to shift tracks inside the mixer without having to re-order them in the project window.

Together with this (I hope I’m not hijacking this thread now), it would also be easier if, when you right-click in the project window to ad another track, it is inserted below or above the location where you right-click.
I often use group tracks for mixing which I arrange in the project window, but when I create a new group track, I always have to scroll down to the group tracks folder and move it manually to the place I need it to be for mixing.

I can see this being in C7 just hope they put a pref in to switch between arrange/mixer sync/no sync.
As we now know C7 is getting a fairly major re-write :sunglasses:


i hope this function has not fallen on “deaf ears” and will be in Cubase 7? this would be worth an upgrade alone


here you go JHP. please implement this feature. quite a simple and workflow-helpful one.

Not in Cubase 7 as far as I’m aware ? ? If not why the **** not ? This is precisely the reason I waste countless hours sifting through the mixer. I don’t want the search mixer function (the new feature in cubase 7) nor would i need it if i was allowed to structure my projects how I want them rather than being forced to deal with Cubase’s structuring.

hahahaha some hope , steinberg got the out of sync part right :laughing:

+1 for this in the final update

Oh well… there was hope but that was back then.

Still on C6 here.

with you 100%, a total no brainer which would simplify mixing so much

can we have some comment from the Steinberg people on this please?