Feature Request - Drag-select via mouse beyond boundary of screen in Dorico Pro

I can’t find this in the forum, so I’m putting in a request for it. Could you please expand the mouse’s drag-select function in Dorico Pro so that when you reach the boundary of a screen, the page below auto-scrolls and the selection box continues to expand? I’ve seen this in enough other programs that I thought it was default Windows behavior, so I was a little bit surprised when it didn’t work with Dorico.

Right now in Dorico, when you hit a screen boundary and you want to add to your selection with your mouse, you’ve got to stop, scroll the underlying page manually, and then Ctrl-Left Click and continue drag selecting until you finish or until you hit a screen boundary again (at which point you scroll/Ctrl-Left Click/drag select yet again). You really run into this in Galley view at high magnifications.

Please simplify this for us. Thanks in advance for your help!


If you have a scroll wheel, you can scroll with that while doing a marquee selection.

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There are plenty of methods that don’t involve dragging with the mouse, such as just Alt-clicking the selection to a new location.

I’ll grant you that, but it’s unintuitive for a new user and it forces you to take your finger off of the right-click button, which just feels downright weird. Other apps don’t require the use of the scroll wheel, Alt-click, or anything else (Cakewalk is a good example, if I’m remembering correctly). Just click and start dragging, then let go when you’re finished. Voila, selection done.

You don’t need to hold the left-click while doing the scroll.
Select something… scroll somewhere else… shift-click and everything in between is selected.