Feature request - drag tracks between projects

Hi All,

I have recently made the move back to Cubase from Logic, on Mac. I had a few concerns but am now loving being back on Cubase (which I used for about 10 years prior to 2007) - everything feels more logical (ironically!), less prone to hanging and bugs, and quicker to use.

I have a feature request though - in Logic there is an “import” option when you can browse another project and tick the components you want to import… for example you might want to import a virtual instrument track with all its effects, but not the actual track content.

In Cubase, this seems to require exporting the track(s) you need and then importing them manually into your new project.

Given that it’s so easy to have two projects open at the same time in Cubase, it would be amazing to be able to drag tracks between projects (and choose whether to bring the track content, or just the track setup… VSTs, effect chain, etc).

Just a thought - this would be a brilliant feature to see in a future release of Cubase.


+1 on this. I decided to start a project over and would have like to copy selected parts from the old to the new. It’s too much of a pain to activate one project, then another to do the copy,

That’s what Track Presets are for. You can drag n drop them from the Mediabay too…

So if I’m working on a track and I want to bring the channel strips or content in from another project, I can just bring that other song up in the media bay and then drag what I need into the new project?

I don’t think so. You’d have to save the track preset first, and then load it in the other project. I like your suggestion though, would be nice if all the currently ‘unsaved’ track presets active right now would be available in mediabay for applications like this.

Hmm, I think I misunderstood… it’s the TRACK PRESETS you can drag from the media bay, not tracks or settings directly from other projects.

Would be great to see this sort of implementation in the future though!

Just open the project that you want to take a track from and drag not the track but any data and the entire track set up will be added to your target project. Then simply delete the data


Ah! This is close to what I’m hoping for!

If Steinberg add a dialogue box asking. “do you want to transfer the track setup only, or the data and the track setup?”, it would be perfect!

You can use the Track Archive in Cubase.

File > Export > “Selected Tracks” All (!) selected tracks can be saved as one file.
(each track class with or without reference media files!)

File> Import > “Track Archive” You can check off the tracks you want to import.
(midi files: automatically adjusted to the new song tempo!)

Hope that helps…


( but I understand your request… so: + 1 for more Import/song transfer options in cubase!)


Cool, I didn’t know that!

I currently use Track Archive Mike…check it out m8, its probably nearer to what you want I think…just a few steps more, but as mentioned you can decide whether to include the media or not!!..also if its midi you work with a lot…please check out midi loops…(nobody I know uses them, on here I think )…but they are great for utilising in tracks when its just a midi part & vsti etc…

Midi Loops Rock!! ( of course only for midi data) :smiley:

I’m gonna have to take a closer look at midi loops :bulb:

VERY cool - thanks!

I like pulling tracks from other projects because in my workflow, it’s hard to predict what track configuration I may need for some unknown job at some point in the future.

This way, I think of the type of track I want, dig up the relevant song archive and pull it across, no need to even make the donor project active. Very quick and easy!

Whenever I re-use a track like this, I then add it to the presets. I can still use the HalionOne patches this way. For example Yamaha S90 piano. It loads quicker and I think is CPU lighter than in SE.