Feature Request due W10 Double Deception

I’m begin to feel tired of wait for two professional features: DSD Stereo & Multichannel import and export and True Remote Control support.

1. We use Wavelab for Professional Studio Mastering and it seems a bad joke the need to use other audio programs like Sound Forge Pro 13, XIRSC or EZ CD Audio Converter to convert or edit DSD and DSDIFF which is very usual in High Resolution Audio Files and Classical Music. You only need to import the DSD files and convert to DXD (384 kHz PCM) and export as DSD64, DSD128 or DSD512 and in 5.1, Quad, Stereo and Mono. There are also rotalty free source code at GitHub:

Audio Decoder https://github.com/notspiff/audiodecoder.dsd
Audio Playback https://github.com/lintweaker/xmos-native-dsd

So there is no reason to not have support about it in the 10th version of WaveLab Pro

2. I can’t understand the amateur and enfant MIDI support for remote control in WaveLab since several years ago. It is impossible to have full supoort of NuAge, Mackie Control, HUI, Eucon … and all what we have is a shortcut button by MIDI. It is not seem serious nowadays. Please talk with your coleagues at Steinberg to support the same surfaces like Cubase or Nuendo.

So for me this upgrade only worth for external FX support. But not for very easy to add features. The reason to upgrade my two licenses of Wavelab is to give support to continue developing but I still need to use Sound Forge Pro 13/XIRC/EZ CD Audio Converter for DSD and Nuendo for editing with remote surface control and transport.

Sad news

Grundman, you might consider re-titling your original post to “Feature Requests: DSD Stereo/Multichannel import/export and True Remote Control”

Your feature requests are good ones. I think many would love to see them implemented, but describing W10 in terms of “Double Deception” seems like an escalation that wouldn’t endear the development team.

Many thanks for the suggestion ultradust. I have changed the post but I do not have too much faith on this due is an ancient and ignored request