Feature Request: Easy way to share Project

Firstly I apologize if this topic is somehow redundant. I tried finding an exisitng thread but turned up empty.

My bandmates and I currently work remotely on the same cubase project, each having bought their own respective license. In order to share progress, we need to zip the project and all the files and share the most up to date version with each other manually.
Coming from a programming background, I decided to use a git repository to manage all of us working on the same project. However I have not found a reliable way to deal with changes to the project, as the .cpr file is saved in some byte format. Is there any simple way to save the project in XML or JSON format in order to resolve any merge conflicts (i.e. allow parallel work on the project)?

Or better yet, is there already a “team” solution for working cubase?

If not, I highly request a feature as such.

Thank you in advance!

VST Connect SE is part of Cubase. If you need more features, you can upgrade to VST Connect Pro.
Another option, depending on how you want to work collaboratively, is VST Transit.

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There is VST Transit - I don’t know if it will work for you - my feeling is that’s it is a great idea that really isn’t working properly.

It all depends on what type of music/project this is I guess. It is free to try so why not check it out. If everybody has the same setup why not maybe just try to share a Dropbox folder?

there are many variables that would need to fit. IF you are a band and just dealing with audio VST Transit could do the trick, I wouldn’t trust it too much if you have vsti’s running

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