FEATURE REQUEST: Embed markers and tempo/time-sig maps in exported bwavs

It would be nice if markers were embedded into the broadcast wav files when exported from Dorico. My workaround is to import the audio into my DAW, add the markers there, and re-export from the DAW. Obviously, not the highest priority feature, but it would theoretically be easy to implement since markers already exist in Dorico.

A related feature would be to embed the tempo/time-sig map into the BWAV, as well. Not sure if there’s a standard, but I move bwav files back and forth between Logic Pro and Reaper, and the tempo/time-sig info always comes through nicely. Using a MIDI tempo map is a fine workaround, but the bwav way would be a time-saver.

Thanks for the suggestion, Eric. We do embed the initial timecode position in the broadcast WAV file, and we’ll look into embedding markers in future.