Feature Request: Enable SideChain for MultiBand Compressor

I think the title says it all as enabling this simple feature could allow the MBC to be used as a dynamic EQ.

As far as I’m aware, Cubase has no dynamic EQ plug-in so this would be a good way of implementing it with ease.

Thanks for reading.

No one agrees? :confused:

Hi DanielAyo,

I agree that implementing sidechain capability for the Multiband Compressor would significantly increase its flexibility.
But, at the same time it requires significantly more CPU, as the complex filter bank is needed twice in that case.
At least the analyzing part.

I put it on the list and will do some experiments in the future to find out how much ‘more CPU’ actually is.

Thanks for addressing the subject and the explanation. I didnt realize its potential issues :slight_smile: