[Feature Request] Export Notepads as XML

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Menu > File > Export > Notepad Data

Cool!!! :sunglasses:

But it’s just a *.txt file
As just about everything else in Cubase seems to have turned into XML why not the Notepad Exports.
Now there are loads of “----------------------------------” and extra linebreaks and what’s in the file is in the file, end of story.

XML is so much more flexible than TXT in general and the TXT files that comes out of Cubase in particular.
If this was the case it wouldn’t take long before a bunch of 3rd party utility apps started to pop up?
You could write some nifty code yourself to display the notes your way and even share/sell it.
If it was XML you could view the structure of your templates without even opening Cubase.
You could search for comments and settings you know you wrote down in some note somewhere.
The sky is the limit and beyond that is the universe !!! :astonished:
Naw, skip that … :blush:
But the XML format would make a lot of sense?

Provided you have taken the time to type a few characters when you create your track, that is :wink:

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