Feature Request: extensions (x) and shifts (-) compatibility for string fingerings

I happen to notice that the fingerings are not text, but objects that look like text. I would like to add an extension to a fingering, but it doesn’t recognise the x. I would like to add a shift marking (ex: -2) to a fingering, but the only thing I can do is use the shift markings that come with the Dorico properties panel thing. And these don’t look right to me. Is there a non-workaround solution to this, or is it yet to be added?


String player like me, right?
Welcome to the club…
Fingering for strings is so very limited in Dorico at the moment.
I suggest you write digits as usual, then add the x as text and place it in Engrave Mode.
For the extension, create a dedicated playing technique maybe.


Yep, that’s what I’m doing. Thanks! I just don’t know whether I want to keep up the subscription or buy elements rn…

So this is on an iPad?

Yep. Tag added.