Feature request : faderbank for CC121

Controlling Cubase with CC121 is a nice possibility to put hands on Cubase.
The idea is to get a box of 8 faders with Knobs for solo,Mute, select. A knob for pan and a fader. Fader should be touch sensitive, Resolution 10 Bits . Also a scribble stip for each Channel to show the channel Name and values.
The device should be designed like CC121, same case as CC121 to put devices in line with CC121. CC121 will work as Central Unit. It should be possible to get 32 faders with 4 faderboxes.
I like to get your opinion about this idea.

There is a reason 8 fader controllers are collecting dust in most project studios.
A 1 fader solution is more usable, the CC121 could use a facelift to look more like the cubase 9.5 mixer.
That said, they already make exactly what you want, Nuage.

Yes I know. But Nuage is much to expensive for my budget. Nuage is ment for high End Studios not for project Studios like mine. Nuage is 10x too expensive for me.

Are you willing to get one tenth of the features for one tenth of the price?

he wants solo/mute/select/pan/volume with 8 faders.

So yes, i bet the OP is willing (as am I) to pay 1 tenth for 1 tenth the features… don’t understand this response at all…

Imagine CC121 but adding 8 simple channel faders to it with the most basic of controls. I mean are you joking now? 13 grand for features that the OP doesn’t even need nor want? overkill much?

it’s like Avid S3 which is a ridiculous 6 grand but that’s what some people need… where as most of us project studio owners will go for the “artist mix” for 1500 bucks and be thrilled with it as it does everything we need.

So is there something like that for Cubase or not?

Well, the Nuage fader unit used to be about 12,000 usd (nobody is listing price in the US right now, which is… odd…). So, with 16 channels and 32 knobs cutting that in half would be 8 channels with 16 knobs, for about 6,000. Now look at that unit and the two sides of it; it has several sections of buttons for additional control. Get rid of all of that. Also get rid of one row of knobs. In terms of cost you’re probably not cutting more than half. Probably less since faders are a lot more expensive per channel. But whatever, say 3,000. Now add back the cc121 functionality. Heck, let’s throw it in for free for some reason. It’s still 3,000 usd, not 1,200.

So in order to get down to that tenth there’s more cutting to be done. What’s reasonable to cut then?

But you really have to look at this from Steinberg’s perspective. They wanted to get (primarily) Nuendo a controller that would be top-notch in terms of functionality and quality, and that would look great in a studio. Nuage is it. In terms of price it’s reasonable for that market, since the competition is what it is.

Now, what you’re asking for is probably not difficult technically, but it probably has some unwanted financial effects. When you say that Nuage is overkill it’s largely a sort of meaningless point to make, because we’re all somewhat different. So what typically happens in these threads are that people share what their basic needs are, but because their workflows are different they need different things, and so if you incorporate what everyone needs then you’re back to Nuage. When you cut it down it’s always someone complaining that a feature is missing.

But I digress, the point I was going to make was about the financial situation. Imagine that Steinberg releases a cc121 “center” module with additional 8-channel fader modules to go with it. One fader module + 1 cc121 costs 1,100 usd, or 1 tenth of a Nuage fader unit. Ok. Fine. Except now what do you think happens to Nuage sales? How is a Nuage worth ten times more than that? It’s going to be a bit of a hard sell I think.

So unless Steinberg is willing to drop the price of Nuage or severely cut functionality of a cheaper device I don’t really see it happening, even though it’d be great. I for sure would get a unit like that.

Well… there’s Artist Mix, isn’t there… :wink:

We all know what controllers Steinberg makes, and outside of that the only two protocols are Mackie’s and Avid’s. That’s it. So Avid controllers + anything that runs HUI/MCU.

Behringer x-touch
Presonus Faderport 8
Mackie Control Universal