Feature request: Faderport compatibility on Mac 64 bit (plea


It is fair to say that Faderport is one of the most widely used MIDI controllers on the market.
It would be nice to be able to use it natively with CB on Mac 64 bit without workarounds. If anything, only the luxury of clicking any channel and having the Faderport respond without having to scroll banks would be a boon.

Many thanks!


Unfortunately, Cubase 64 bit Mac compatibility is up to Presonus. (Don’t hold your breath)

Really hoping someone else will release a compact, motorized single-fader solution for mac in the near future…

PS. As of C8.5, the Faderport fader only works with the first mix console window… (hope this helps anyone else struggling with Faderport Mackie HUI workaround on mac)

I just had a really intense discussion with Presonus because they sell a device that is not fully working with Cubase and they are aware if the problem since years. They say it is up to Steinberg to fix the HUI protocol. I am not able to decide who is right but there seems to exist a big communication problem.
I am still wondering if there is some genius guy out there who is able to help them :wink:

Steinberg & Presonus - please make this Faderport compatible, it would be good for You both!