FEATURE REQUEST: Field Recorder Workflow in Nuendo

I surely do hope, that I am not the only one craving this from Steinberg.

I make indie films, and commercial-sound design and mix in Nuendo 7 and I am very happy with using it. I find it as good (and more self contained with great post audio features) as pro tools, but I find it strange, that Steinberg has not developed a sufficient field recorder workflow, while calling Nuendo a serious post-production software.

I have tried workarounds, extremely expensive third-party software and I am getting really tired of it.

Please, for the love of post-production, make a similar workflow as seen below in this link (pro tools) possible:


It will save time, money and headaches!

Thank You!

Yes please :smiley:

It has been discussed a lot here.

+1 gazillion


Currently working on it …


+1 … for pro tools. maybe i should update my old protools i really miss features for movie editing in nuendo.