Feature Request: fine movement of automation points


Could you please implement fine movement of automation points with shift (like for knobs) + moving mouse.
I have come from Studio One and this feature was very handy over there.
Cubase could have a better WF with it.

Warm Regards,

Cubase has that, but by using the mouse over the info line Value, rather than the on the automation point itself.

But that won’t work if you have multiple events selected, right?

I like this proposal. I never missed the feature … yet. But it could come in very handy at times.

Sure it will!

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the hint, on the other hand the fastest WF if you could do this on the arrangement track view.

Normally my info line is closed so:
step 1: open info line,
step 2 mouse hover over,
step 3: do the movement.

S1 Way:
step 1: do the movement


Yes PLEASE!! Would be so much faster!