Feature Request: Flow-specific Engraving rules

Hi, I have a suggestion for a future feature of Dorico. It’s really bugging me that I can layout the first flow of a multi-flow project, have it perfect, and then move to the next flow only to find it’s completely jumbled as a result of the engraving rules I set in order to make Flow 1 work. Of course if I then change the rules to suit Flow 2, it messes up Flow 1. I’d love to see Engraving rules become flow-specific in future, to avoid this.


Hi Simon! Welcome!
Did you try Notation Options? As far as I know they are the only options specific to flows.

Can you give an example where particular Options make one Flow ‘perfect’, and another one ‘jumbled’? Which options are you changing? Can you show a screenshot of the effect?

I’m working with note spacing, and system and frame breaks. Note spacing is layout specific but not flow specific. MANUAL System and Frame breaks are ok because they only affect the flow in which they happen, but rules about casting off are under Layout Options so they’re project-wide. Afraid I’m unable to provide a screenshot right now but I can do so later on

You can give each flow an individual Note Spacing.
You can give every flow (actually every new system) a new staff size.
Each flow can have individual System spacing.
What exactly are you missing besides these options and the possibilities you can achieve with the Notation Options?

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You can change the Note Spacing at the start of any flow (or anywhere else) with a Note Spacing change.

If you use the Casting off settings to lock the bars per system and systems per page, then you can manually change that with Frame and System Breaks. If your Flows are really diverse, then it’s probably best not to set fixed bars/systems in Layout Options, but just use Spacing and Breaks as required (once you’ve found the best Ideal Gaps for the whole thing, of course!)

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Spacing can be modified at will just modifying the properties of a system or frame

Edt: Sorry Ben, contemporary append…

Sorry I’m autistic so I need definite clear instructions - I don’t know how to give each flow individual note spacing, could you explain please? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Go to Engrave Mode. Select a note at the beginning of the flow. Type J to invoke the Jump bar. Type Note spacing change and hit Enter. Then use the dialog box to change the note spacing to whatever you would like, and click OK.

You will also find it in the Engrave Menu.


You can use them anywhere: final note of a flow; at the start of a new time sig. I use them to space my music out so that it fills 2 or 3 pages, instead of being 2.5 pages.

It sounds like the OP has figured a way around their issues, but I’d really like to see at least some of the Repeat Marker settings moved from Engraving Options to Notation Options. “Default gap before mid-system Coda” is incorrectly named as it also affects a Coda at the beginning of a system. Some Flows I may need that mid-system gap, but in others I might not want it to indent a Coda at the beginning of a system. Being able to set those options per Flow would be useful.


I’ve previously suggested that each Coda has a Property with an indent value.


I would even love to go bigger:
I’m writing a march and the layouts for players need to really (meaning: really) be tight. I have reduced practically all spacing options (minimal distance between items, around dynamic symbols, everything on the repeat page, etc.) to get the music on these tiny sheets while keeping it readable.

But: The layout for the score is totally different, and I had to copy the file in order to go back to all the wider spaces in Engraving Options.

I thought these were Layout Options, which can be different for different layouts.

Some of them are, true.
But I had to change quite a lot of Engraving Options, too, to get the desired result. And those options also apply to the score layout.