[Feature Request] Focus on the presets

Open a preset selector thingie for a VSTi.
Look at the preset in the right pane.
What would you do to get to the next preset in the list?
Hit down arrow?
This moves the selected Filter > Category list item one step down in a very useless and counter intuitive way.
What’s the advantages of having the focus there? None!!!
This is especially annoying if you have a Key Command for opening the preset selector and then have to use the mouse anyway to move the focus to the preset name list.

So the request is to have the focus changed from Filters > Category to Result > Name when the preset selector is opened.

Hit the Key command twice, thus the Filter pane gets invisible and the List is focused.

Guess what … I just found out by trial and error! :laughing:
I can’t believe I didn’t found this out until I posted this topic …
Thanx anyway!