Feature Request: Folders can be treated like Bus tracks

As some may have already said, I would very much like the ability to treat folders like bus tracks.

Specifically, it would be nice to have Volume and Pan in the UI on the folder, and insert effects on the folder.

When you want to put together a bus track in Cubase, you need at least two or more Synth or Audio Tracks, and Group Channel Tracks, for a total of three tracks!
(and incidentally the folder track to put them in)
And if I create a lot of them, I will be a master of screen scrolling. help.

I can do it in Ableton Live, I can do it in Reaper!
Then there’s nothing Cubase can’t do, right?

Cool, but instead of opening a new topic you could support the already existing topic with your comment and your vote.
Already 67 votes there.

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