Feature Request: Foldertracks graphics

Hi there.
I’ve got an idea for a better look and workflow for larger projects.

I would like to have graphic waveforms in folder tracks.
For example:

You have your drum foldertrack containing f.e. 14 drumtracks (3 Kick, 3 Snare, HH, Ride, OH, 3 Toms, Room).
Each track in this folder has a checkbox to include the waveform of this track in the folder wave form. So you might activate Snare, Kick, Toms and HH).

Imagine you could edit your foldertrack like you could with a regular buss mixdown, WITHOUT SEEING ALL TRACKS!
That would give you a really wider look on your project.
This is not really needed for small projects, but imagine you have a drumfolder (maybe two), additional drums, percussions, bass (DI and Mic), a few rhythm guitars (with multi mic setups), keys and a brass section.
Using foldertracks as it is your project would look like a lot of blocks (folded) or like too many tracks to see (unfolded).
Having this method, it would look like just having a few stems with buss waveforms.

I hope my bad english made clear my point.
Cheers, Matze!

that’d be pretty cool… Dont now how easy that’d be to implement though, as the wavs display is generated during import. Maybe you could have different colour overlays.
Having said that though, isn’t that the point of group editing?

I’d like the ability to rename (change description) folder parts as you can with individual parts. This would make moving sections round a bit easier with labled folders.

Sorry to hijack your thread with my own FR but as your doing a feature request about folders, just thought I’d chuck in my two cents.