feature request for “avoid collisions” switcher

Currently Dorico has “avoid collisions” switcher just for shft-X text objects. It would be very handy to have this switcher also for different objects, especially playing techniques, but also e.g. dynamics and ornaments.
Sometimes I have a couple of playing techniques attached to one note, but I prefer not to have them all up on each other. Currently when I move this objects in engrave mode, automatic staff spacing still “think”, that there is a collision and makes to much space beetwen staves.

Thanks for the request. It was quite easy to implement this for text items, but it would be quite a bit more involved to do so for other types of item. We will certainly give it some consideration.

Yes, please!! That would be extremely useful! Particularly for dynamics in my case, but it would probably be good to have the ability to exclude all sorts of items from the collision avoidance.

I would be glad if the „wrong“ thinking of Dorico that it has to avoid collision when there is no collision anymore would get improved.


I don’t think you would, on balance. That is the main reason why the spacing in Sibelius is unstable when Magnetic Layout is used.

Anyway, my point is, that I would like to have controll in case of individual objects. Now it works quite well with shift-X objects. That’s why I am reffering to switcher „avoid collisions”.
Let’s think about it in opposite way. Sometimes I want Dorico to „think wrong”. Sometimes I don’t want to have more staff spacing even when the collision exist („avoid collision” is swithched off). Sometimes I am glad, that Dorico made more space for whole staff, even when I moved the object manually in engrave mode and in fact it isn’t in the collsion anymore („avoid collision” is swithched on).
I hope, I am clear. English is not my native language.

I don’t think you know what I meant.

I think I do, but there’s little to be gained by going any further down that road.


One of the main problems I find working with Dorico is a lack of control of the position of some items, specially of playing techniques. I often use them to insert stem symbols, for example, and in some situations their positions changes if note spacing is reduced too much or if I add a slur to the notes. I have tried to avoid this with tucking index, but I’m afraid that tucking index for playing techniques is independent from tucking index for slurs…

In any case, I add my vote to this post request, specially for playing techniques and trills. All automated positioning may work great for most situations, but people who deal with less common notation have to fight constantly with all this undesired position changes.


We intend to add a more general feature for positioning things on the stem in future, for what it’s worth.

Thank you Daniel, yes, that would be a great feature!