Feature Request for Note Spacing. A feature to display the numeric-value of each spacing column

In Engrave Mode> Note Spacing, I think it would be very useful if there was a feature to display the numeric-value of each spacing column (i.e. distance between each square handles). Is it possible to add a feature like this to future Dorico?

That sounds like a good request to me, but I might also point out that there is an easier way to achieve what you are wanting here: that is, an even note spacing (I assume).

May I add another feature request for NoteSpacing:
I would like a key combination to gradually increase or decrease the Note Spacing. This would be a great time saver as one could watch it’s effect on the layout while changing the values.

At the moment one has to change the values of Note Spacing by hand or mouse then check it’s effect on the layout then go back etc.

May be this request should be shifted to another thread.

I’m not intending an even-note-spacing now. What I want is a feature that makes it easy to know the each spacing value between all square handles numerically, even if the music contains various note values ​​and various note spacing gaps. In other words, simply, I want an option to edit note spacings by using numeric values (X spaces).
When doing note spacing, I think there are some people (like me) who want to increase or decrease the note spacing by specific numeric-values. For example, if I wanted to make any one spacing column exactly 1.5 spaces wider than before, it’s not easy to do that accurately with Alt + ↑ in current Dorico, because current Dorico don’t show each spacing column’s value numerically, and because the unit of Alt + ↑ movement is not constant depending on the justification ratio of the system.

As long as the Note Spacing flag remains selected, you can bring up the dialog with Enter, no matter what you’re looking at. I regularly change the spacing, scroll around, press Enter, step the value, Enter again to leave; rinse and repeat.

I would ask @tomotomo2 ‘what result are you trying to achieve’ by setting things to particular space widths? Is this something that perhaps could be handled globally by more/better Engraving Options, or…?

Thank you ben, yes, this is my procedure at the moment too. Wouldn’t it be great, if this could be handled “on the go” via a key combination?

For example, some publishers (or engravers) increase the spacing between notes that sandwich an accidental, even if the accidental has a margin to the left.
Beethoven, Piano Sonata No.1, Op.2 No.1, 1st mov. , mm.81-88, Henle verlag, IMSLP #621777

At times like this, I think we have no choice but to use Note Spacing Mode. And if the Note Spacing Mode displays each spacing column’s width numerically, we can easily and accurately compare how much wider it is than normal spacing (In this excerpt , it is about one accidental spaces wider than the normal 8th note spacing ).

By the way, we play with the various horizontal spacing values in Global Options(Layout options, Engraving Options etc.) and visually check the results, but if we could also check results by numerical changes of spaces in the Note Spacing Mode, wouldn’t it be more convenient?