Feature request for rhythm cue Engraving Options: notehead type, stem length, hide label

In Engraving Options > Cues > Rhythmic cues, it would be great to have the option of setting stem length and notehead type and removing the cue label.

This would make it easier to create rhythm cues in jazz charts (like in the Sher fake books), where the noteheads are slashes and, in dense charts, the stems are sometimes a little shorter (IIRC).

Ideally, this would include access to custom notehead types (e.g., I made a notehead set with offset stems like in the Sher books).

This would remedy the situation where if you create a cue derived from a melody instrument, you can’t change the cue notehead to a slash independently of the source instrument (unless I’m missing something, in which case please correct me!).

Of course you can create a separate player for rhythm cues, and that’s probably the easiest option if the rhythm hits differ from the melody or other instrument parts. Even in this case, it would be great to not have to manually change the notehead type.

I just learned that a work-around for hiding cue labels is enabling the “Start Text” Property and leaving it blank per this post, but a “hide label” Property would make more sense, and also having an option in Engraving Rules would be even better. Jazz lead sheets never (or rarely) include cue labels.



This would be a great option and very helpful.