feature request freezable folders

Would be really. Useful you could use one for temporary tracks that you dont yet want to delete but you xont want wasting resources

Zero I’m with you on this one.

Folder tracks are one of the biggest reasons I choose Cubase as my main daw and I’d love to see their functionality extended even more.

A freeze button makes perfect sense. Hit folder freeze and Cubase begins freezing all feezable tracks in the folder, take a 5 minute break, come back and your cpu is now happy again.

I’d also love to see folder listen button. Click to activate listen on all tracks in the folder.

Most of all I’d love a folder preset system. Save and recall tracks within a folder by saving and loading the folder itself.

On the last point on saving folders, I have been working on transferring folders from project to (prexisting) project, its not easy, even using track archives or track presets. I think (guess) this has been left out because you may have an instrument with multiple outs (eg. Halion, Kontakt) but only have some of the instruments in the folder - what do you export?

The answer can to me, if the procedures monitored MIDI channels in the inspector, and gave the option (tick box) to create an instance of the multi synth with only those channels loaded, gthat should work. Even if this would not work, then one could export the whole of the multi synths mappings (preset) and simply let the user remove unuseed instruments, a simple warinng message, on import, to inspect any multi out synths would suffice.

I work with more than one orchetral package and I often want to export a string section or something from one project to another. I have the sections in folders - this part is trivially easy to do before export.

If this could be set up it would attract a lot of orchestral arrangers and composers to Cubase, along with note expression and expression maps.

This is such a superb DAW!