Feature request: Freeze stave at top of orchestration

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here! I’ve only been a Dorico user for the last few months, having spent the last 25 years or so using Finale and Sibelius. Really enjoying it so far, and currently doing my first orchestration in Dorico.

This particular orchestration is a pop tune. I have transcribed a lead sheet with lyrics and chord/rhythm changes on it, which is sitting on the top of the score above the woodwinds, as a guide to my orchestration, but of course each time I scroll down, I lose sight of it, and it’s easy to either lose where I am in the score, or where the song is at harmonically in a particular bar.

I would love it if I could ‘freeze’ this top stave, much like you can with a row of cells in a spreadsheet, so that no matter how far down the score I scroll, that top stave is always visible. I don’t think this functionality is available in any of the big 3 notation programs, but I think it would be immensely helpful - maybe Daniel can add it to his long list of feature requests! (Or maybe it’s already there).

Anyway, looking forward to learning from you all (and Anthony Hughes, of course - could listen to his voice all day).


this would be a very useful feature for me too

Ooh, that is a very cool idea! It’s certainly not possible (yet) though. An alternative version that I would also find useful goes the other way 'round: freezing a piano grand staff at the bottom of a score to make an orchestral reduction.

Perhaps the closest approximation for your use case would be to duplicate the player holding the lead sheet a few times, and putting the copies above the brass and the strings for example. But that’s definitely an ugly workaround :wink:

+1 for this idea

My workflow for this is to create a new layout in the setup page and name it working score. I select the staves I’m currently working on. For instance if there is a piano part or lead line with chord symbols, I’ll select it + the string section or winds or whatever. Then select “working score” in the dropdown. I change the selection frequently as I work through the score.

Oh man, this would be incredible for large orchestrations.

+1 here for this nice idea! :slight_smile: I hope the team would think about to make it available in the near future! :slight_smile:

Both ideas, the ability to freeze at the top OR at the bottom would be very helpful.

Dare I say that so long as we are talking about freezing , it mighty also be useful in Galley View to be able to freeze vertically on the left or right at a selected place in the timeline and as you scroll have the music “slide” underneath the frozen music. This additional suggestion might be much harder to implement, though.

Sometimes you are working on the music before (or after) a certain point and you have no interest at the time in viewing music after (or before) that point. You might want to see the end of the previous (or subsequent) line as you work, even if your work would scroll the place of interest off the screen.

It’s great to know that I’m not the only one that works this way and would find this useful!

I love this idea and hope to see it some day.