Feature Request: Fullscreen +

Real Estate, Real Estate… I’m working on a score that’s so huge I can barely squeeze it in a portrait monitor (just about), but because of the side panels still sticking out a bit I can’t. Would it be possible in future versions to offer a “true” fullscreen experience with literally nothing but the manuscript?

My absolute favourite feature in Dorico is the ability to work in more than one window! With huge scores it’s great to be able to put the full score in Page view in a portrait monitor and the Galley view on a horizontal monitor (or Play Mode when editing playback), so there’s really no reason to have to see the menus and toolbars on all the windows…

Pretty please with a cherry on top!

PS: and if also possible an “Always On Top” option for the Transport window, it keeps getting pushed to the back by other programs e.g. Vienna Ensemble

I assume you already know about Ctrl-6 and the others (Ctrl-7, 8, and 9). Some folks aren’t aware of Ctrl-6, and that little bit of vertical space helps for full scores. You may be, but I thought I’d mention it anyways… hiding all those gets you darn close.

Also, I recommend mapping “Page Height” to Alt-X. It’s a great way to jump to a zoom setting that fills the available space.

view -> full screen (F11) will dissolve the title bar and give more space too.

also, windows -> hide/restore panels

Thank you both! Yes I know about those things hence fullscreen "+" (plus), as I said in the OP they “still stick out a bit”. I use the Stream Deck thingy so I have no use for the panels at all, but that’s just me.

By the way Ctrl+0 hides them all (but they still stick out a bit) :wink:

We don’t have any current plans for this, but I understand the nature of your request.

I second Bollen‘s request.