Feature request: Gallery view with system breaks


I have an idea for a new feature in gallery view: continuous scrolling in both dimensions with automatic system breaks. Kind of like a hybrid mode between page view and gallery view…

For now, in order to advance many bars at once in gallery view, you have to scroll horizontally, which is more difficult than scrolling vertically since you either have to depress shift (windows) while rotating the scroll wheel or, if keyboard hand is busy, move your cursor to the bottom scroll bar before rotating the scroll wheel. Therefore, allowing both vertical and horizontal scrolling would significantly improve your workflow, especially when you are working on scores of long duration containing few players.

I realize that there are a lot of decisions to make and problems to solve when it comes to figure out how this might logically work. For instance, what happens when you reach the boundaries of the view; which options are necessary to include in the layout options; how will the automatic system breaks look and work; how is this feature toggled? etc… Therefore I understand if this might be a low priority feature, especially since I did not find anything like this when searching the forum which could mean I am the only one wanting this. But I think it would not hurt submitting it here just in case someone will find this useful.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Have you tried assigning custom key commands to “view next” and “view previous”? Those commands allow me to rapidly move through the score in galley view. I assigned them to page down and page up.

I will now, thanks to you. :slight_smile: Although it would be convenient to be able to navigate through the score without letting go of either the mouse or the MIDI keyboard, if that is where your hands currently are.

Also, this way you can fit more music into the screen. :slight_smile: