Feature Request: Generate QC Report for ISRCs embedded in wav files

Hi …

This feature request is for a Quality Control report that can be generated for ISRCs that are embedded in wave files.

Although a virtually non-existent requirement to date, in my jurisdiction we are starting to see the first requests from a major label to embed ISRCs in wave files. I have no idea “why” as it appears to serve no worthwhile purpose from a practical perspective. However, my humble experience is that, once one major label requests this, the others will likely follow.

The problem is, how to generate a Quality Control report that shows the ISRC has been correctly allocated.

Ideally, this Quality Control report would be generated in a batch processor function. So that all of the wave files for a project could be placed within the batch processor and a simple report generated from that.

To be clear, this is for projects that are not necessarily going to physical CD … so the label deliverables are wav files + hi res MFiT wav and mp3.

Quality Control is obviously quite important and we need to be ready to address this emerging issue.

If this feature is there already, I have missed it and would be grateful if someone could direct me to it.

There is no batch process for that. But “Render metadata report” sounds as a good feature for me.

Thank you PG