FEATURE REQUEST: Generic Editor option in Plugin Manager

Add option “Generic Editor” for each individual plugin in Plugin Manager window (for example for cases like bridged old 32bit plugins without GUI), so it doesn’t have to be done manually with every instance being loaded into FX slot all the time via plugin’s menu! In such case plugins with this option checked would automatically load with the Generic Editor window (only sliders and parameters names/values).

So that this:

Becomes something like this (or similar):

Plugins with no GUI will load with the Generic Editor anyway.
And Cubase 12 is 64bit only now, btw.

Well, not in my case here (Win 10 x64, many jBridged unique - no 64bit equivalents - old 32bit plugs) - when I open such bridged plug, it opens up with completely white GUI, I have to eneble generic editor from its menu all the time, unfortunately.

Sure, but as I said right in my initial post, I am using jBridge - famous tool that converts old 32bit plugins into their 64bit version and it works for me 100% with all of them. The only thing I am facing from time to time is exactly that no GUI problem described above, so…

BTW it does not matter if C12 uses only 64bit plugs now (I know it, I am one of its proud users), cos I make this just as one possible example/usage for the feature. The other reason may be - as many others here on the forum said many times - that sometime the GUI is so CPU intensive, that it actually freeze Cubase, and this would definitely prevent that IMHO.