[Feature request] Glissando midi plugin

I think the Cubase midi plugins have been getting a raw deal over the last few years where not much has changed, but I think there’s a bit of mileage left in creative midi plugins.

Like the subject suggests, can we have a Glissando midi plugin? Can’t be too hard to implement, surely.


Hello, :slight_smile:
I am not quite sure I understand this FR.

Are you aware that MIDI are controller signals and that the VSTi is what makes the sound. Glissando or portamento would be a feature of the VSTi then.

What exactly do you mean? Could you describe this a bit more specific?


Glissando’s a piece of cake for the user to do rather than some very well educated programming guru working for several months to please some kid who wants a new toy to show off to his music teacher.

Can´t you make your own glissando as MIDI file to arpache sx… Once you make it it´s there… not sure what´s your point…

I actually aprove of this request. No so much for the glissando effect but because MIDI plugins in Cubase have rarely been updated and they could do so much more (remembering an old StepDesigner 2.0 thread). Such functionality could add to the score editor, which has all but been forgotten to update. Creating symbols feels like Windows 3.1

Of course you can do this by hand but sometimes “micromanaging” notes is a waste of time when arranging big stuff.

Anyways, until such functionality is added (if ever) I would suggest doing it by hand. :slight_smile:

Years ago I had wanted a “strum” plugin, very similar in functionality of course, but how about disabling notes of the glissando, up down, 6 notes, and stuff. Your idea might be simple but extending functionality would make programming the plugin actually worth it.

sorry i dont realy understand what you want to have,
could you explain more?

No Automation, (but thats not true i found out, some MIDI-Plugins can do…)
Not enough routing (not able to put MIDI on Automation) so a LoopMidiPort is often requierd…
Try to insert “Note to CC” and learn this on Osc-Pitch, it’s impossible to play live because it doesn’t work correctly, but when you play it or paste other Midi-Events on it, it works well… strange…

Another Question: do somebody know how to make a “voice-managment” with Cubase?
i want to use some monophinic VSTs with one Midi-Track as “one polyphonic”…
for example a “polyphonic” PitchCorrector Chor…

I’m sure it would be easy (if you’re a programmer) to make a midi plugin which plays glissandi up or down to whichever note you play next. Much like the effect built into the old CS80 synth, and a few others.

Conman, I’ve been expecting you.
All very well, but I’m not a great player and don’t fancy programming all those glassandi in – life’s too short.

I’ve heard the effect used in techno music before to very good, and radical, effect. I’m not just talking about the odd glassando-ed string. This was a complex, futuristic sounding glissando which I’m sure the best players or programmers would not want to take on, unless they’ve got days to waste…

Line tool?

That and I’ve also thought that if you were to statistically sample speed and time for glissando, strum and all other types of effects you should find that they follow some probability distribution, meaning that in order to get a good glissando effect just putting in the notes might not be enough, it may still work of course.
I had thought about this as part of my work regarding motion in performance artists for my thesis and was willing to program for it at the time. Of course it envolved much much more. :smiley:
I’ve also always found guitar vsts don’t have these kinds of features.

Again, I think your idea is really nice and well worth extending.

Well. a Glisando Plugin would be nice,

but don’t forget MIDI-Plugins can’t get automated… (but thats not true for all, i found out today)

And some of them work not very well, for example try, to insert a “note to CC” and learn it on a pitch parameter:
The “Notes” not played correctly, but when you normal playback (or just drag n drop) MIDI “on it”, it does work correctly, (it’s also not possibel to route MIDI-Tracks on Automation Parameter inside any DAW-SW)…

and you can play a glissando with the midi-plugin “Chorder” (!)
(see playstyle mode)

Nice! :smiley: Thank you.

i think i understand now:
maybe you could use the Midi-Modifires with differnt scale settings, and play around on the keyboard…
till this day i didn’t know that midi-plugins can get automated…

Would this be a technical imposibility or they just don’t make them this way?

Thanks I’ll try that playstyle mode when I get to the studio but reading the manual it doesnt look quite like what I need.

Ideall I’d have a speed control, like portamento to control the glide (or gliss). Playstyle mode looks like it simply does a little arpeggio, or ‘strum’ of the pre-selected chord, in a few preset speeds.

I doubt this will give me a glissando but I’ll try it. It sounds like a nice effect which could be useful at some point though…

Thanks for your inputs everyone.

No it was a fail information from my side, the midi-plugins can get automated, but some do not support it…

Have a look at Session Strings Pro. Well, that’s just strings.
But it’s quite hard to make it sound naturally when you just pitch
a sound or use glide when it comes to natural instruments.

And Conman: What is the BeatDesigner for you? A nice toy?
Yeah, it is. An iPad is also a nice toy. Still I see tons of people
running to a store to get it. So toys seem to be quite a moneymaker
for software developers. And since it’s still fun for some of us to
make music we’re all just kids using their fcking awesome pro toys. :exclamation: