Feature Request: Graphic Paper and Desk Backgrounds

As an enhancement to 3.5’s ability to change colors, 4.0 could use textured backgrounds similar to other programs. An example would be:

Papyrus, Cotton, Parchment, etc. for the Sheet Music “Paper”


Oak, Pine, Marble, Mahogany, Redwood, Tile, Grass, etc., for the “Desk”

Additional enhancement could be for the user to be able to add their own textures through a file dropbox.

Thanks for the consideration.

I searched the forums and did not find any requests for this so I apologize if there has already been one.

Thanks for the feedback. At the moment we have no plans for this, but I would never rule it out altogether for some distant future version.

A friend of mine said, that he likes Sibelius more, because one can have coffee-stained paper … :slight_smile: