Feature request: Hide redundant naturals in Harp Pedals

I find that in some situations naturals in harp pedals make the notation more complex than it is… I can understand the naturals to appear as a cancellation, but if the previous note was already natural, makes it sense to show the natural again?
I have not found the way to hide this naturals. It would be nice to have the option to hide them.

You can show partial harp pedaling, i.e. only the strings that have changed at that position. Would that help?

Thank you Lillie. Yes it helps, but I still think that if you want to show all notes, naturals may be redundant in some cases. For me it is clearer if you see only flats and sharps, and the rest of the notes without nothing (unless it is cancelling a previous sharp or flat). I think that the point is to focus in information change to better clarify the notation.