[Feature Request] Hide root & bass & quality, display tension only for chord symbols


I came from finale and there’s something very nice about its chord tool that is missing in Dorico. For example, for the two consecutive chords below they share the same bass, root, and dominant 7 quality. The only difference is the tension (13 vs b13) and I want to hide these and show only b13 if you know what I mean. No such option is available in the properties panel right now.


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If one doesn’t want to show something, why write it to begin with?

My recollection of the Finale Chord Tool is that it has its own drawbacks. Chord notation is not yet standardized, which does lead to problems no matter which approach(es) a developer takes.

You could maybe create a Paragraph Style that matches your Chord Symbols Font and enter it with Shift-X text that way.

I don’t really think it would be clear with the way you have with the bass note horizontal though (even though I prefer that as well), plus I would be inclined to specify the natural 9th on the b13 chord anyway.

Because I can’t just type b13 Dorico will turn it into B13

Hi Fred,

That can do! What font are you using for chord symbols?


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I’m using Ingeborg in that example. It’s sort of my current default as really like it with music.

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Great! Thanks for sharing!

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Personally, I find Fred’s example to take a little getting used to. It seems to me that it might make sense for Dorico to allow entry of (b13) and to display that fragment with the parentheses.

But that really violates the concept of the parens to be shown as a result of rules.

I do like the original suggestion of allowing the user to enter two successive beats as a13/g and a(b13)/g, and then have a new option that would display only the color tone if that is the only difference between the two chords. But that rule should have the option of displaying the difference with parens, brackets or other characters.

Is it too late to get that added to the May 24 release? :slight_smile: