[Feature request] Higher quantization values

Am I the only one going nuts over this? Working with electronic music, micro-rhythms and stuttering can be such a pain when there’s no way to quantize audio and midi to note values higher than 64th notes. I have to calculate the number of samples and do tons of math to make it happen, when it should have been relatively easy if I could simply snap or quantize to 128th, 256th, 512th, 1024th etc etc…
It would have been a gift from heaven for a sound designer, not having to do equations to make some special effects. :smiley:

I guess this should be pretty straightforward to implement, right? We can already split audio by 64th notes, so why not increase the resolution on the grid?

You can shift positions by using the Logical Editor.
I take it you don’t play 1024ths live by hand anyway … :wink:
But 64ths? Cubase Full has 128ths so what version do you have?
And I’m not sure if the Logical Editor is included in all versions?


I see we both take the profound meaning of our forum signatures veeeery seriously! :laughing:

OT… Thank you ULF updated my profile :smiley:

as you were…

Running Cubase 6.5, and 64 is the limit when dealing with audio. I can manage by calculating samples, but it is time consuming.

And no, not paying that fast without a large coffee. Mainly stuttering effects, micro-rhythmic stuff and complicated things that need to be very accurate. Yes, I’m weird. :slight_smile:

Still it would be nice with higher values.

Anything over 128th trips and only the dogs will hear it. :mrgreen:
There is a way to change the ppqn resolution, forget exactly where but around Preferences/midi. Look at all the midi settings. I think you’ll see at default it’s set at 480 so double that and see how things are.
I’m pretty sure this is what you really mean.

ppqn = pulse per quarter note so each quarter note has 480 therefore each bar contains 1920ppqn
As I remember the Ataris used to be at 960ppqn.

You could also get around whatever limitations you think there are by halving the Project tempo though this would mean you initally hearing a half-time metronome (unless you set it at,say 8/8 instead or 4/4) and if you needed notation it could be a little difficult.

Go buy The Finger and stop doing calculations by hand.