Feature Request... I think

It’s a small request but as long as your askin’.

I have created a custom keyboard command for creating a group channel track.

I would love it if, when I create a group track, it would create it below the selected track (in the main project window) like any other type of track behaves. I always move the group track up with the tracks that are assigned to this group and never leave it in the group track folder.

Anyone else work in this way?

Cubase rocks!

Yup, everyone that uses group tracks, very annoying and requested many times.

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Yes, mostly we want to have the groups in the middle of the project like tabs or folders and not beneath the track list. Check out my workflow suggestion in the gif attached.
GroupChannelFolderStructurProject 1.gif
To Explain:
You create a group track. When you do this a group track is created beneath the track list. The group track is also selected. Now you just hold Control and select the track you actually wanted the grouptrack to be next to. After this you execute “Move Selected Tracks to new Folder”. The Folder will be created at the last track you have selected, so at the right spot. So like this you can have your folder track with your grouptrack and the respective tracks all tidied up in a very quick way.


Nice .gif and explanation JHP. Thank you.

Unfortunately, I’ve just tried and cannot confirm. Though, I did this on an existing project with a lot of tracks and parts/events, some group tracks and FX tracks already there.

Trying your recipe, it first placed the (new) folder, group and CTRL+‘chosen’ track all together BELOW my existing group and FX tracks. Second, after re-launch of project (don’t know why, I just decided to close and re-open it), this time it placed the (new) folder, group and CTRL+ ‘chosen’ track below a bunch of other vocal tracks. :exclamation: :exclamation:

It did not leave the CTRL+chosen track where it was (like in your .gif).

You may need to experiment with this a bit more. Might be, that your recipe only works on empty projects…

So, a big +1 here for the Feature Request from the OP - i.e. when creating a Group Track (or any for that matter…!) I would like the option of it appearing immediately below my chosen (selected) track in the Arrange page. As Split above also notes, this has been requested very many times…!

Thanks for listening.

I also find it annoying the way Cubase automatically adds group tracks, FX tracks etc to subfolders at the bottom of my project. I’d like them to be added in the same way all other tracks are added.

  1. Take a big project.
  2. Create a group track.
  3. Control click on the track that you would like the group track to packed together with.
  4. Execute “Move Selected Tracks To New Folder”
    Result: The folder will be in the place of the track you have selected while holding “Control” and contains the group you created.

Can you confirm this. If not do you have a repro with which this method does not work?
It’s working here.

I have reported this again.

I’ll bump this even though I haven’t seen it requested “many times”. Any pointers to any of the “many times”?

As useful would be to have VSTi tracks linked to their corresponding midi tracks and placed adjacently.

Sorry - no, can’t confirm JHP; I just tried again with same results I had before… I’ll try another project altogether in a bit…

Thanks for the ‘bump’ Conman. Can you try the repro…? Go on, please - give it a try; please don’t say ‘you don’t need to because… zzzz’ or some such excuse. Go to your machine and try, will you.? Can you do that…?

Oh, and where would you like to start, the ‘old’ forum or this…? Please do a search in either; it will be in amongst all the other mixer/track/arrange view requests. And no, I’m not doing the search for you on this occasion. Gosh, you’ll have to believe us…!! Fancy that…

Nice JHP, I generally like to have my group channel tracks outside and immediately beneath the folder track though, but it is an improvement :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ‘bump’ Conman. Can you try the repro…? Go on, please - give it a try; please don’t say ‘you don’t need to because… zzzz’ or some such excuse. Go to your machine and try, will you.? Can you do that…?

Will do, give me a day or so. I’m in rehearsals for a few hours.

Just tried on a new project (based on the ‘Blues’ template) and all is as you demonstrate JHP. :slight_smile:

Ok - so, more experimenting on my part with other, bigger (existing) projects.

PS:- maybe you can try one thing your end JHP - try again, but load a project that was created and worked on in an earlier version first (as I now recall, I think my one that showed this NOT to be working, was started by a friend in C4).

And, thanks Conman - the more the merrier, when you can get round to it…!

I just checked and indeed the groupchannel folder needs to be open. Otherwise the groupchannel will not be selected once it is created.


Hmm… I’ve no idea what is meant by ‘groupchannel folder needs to be open’. Where did that (folder) come from…? I am simply creating a Group Track (channel), as at stage 1 of your recipe. No ‘folder’ exists yet.

Anyways, whatever… This is where I and probably 90% of other users would say ‘enough’ with rummaging for these workarounds. Good as Cubase is, and helpful as you are JHP, the original posters Feature Request stands and gets a big +1 :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I don’t agree with the entire premise. I do agree that I want group tracks to be added just like regular tracks at the top level. I personally want VSTi tracks to be created at the top level too. I do think FX tracks going to a folder is ok, because those are project level feeds to the master out.

However, there are too many scenarios where the group track is not necessarily assigned to a single set of audio tracks that can be uniquely bundled with just a group track.

I can confirm both behaviours outlined by both Timmyboylad & JHP. I’m not sure that JHPs solution does what the OP wanted. I’m not sure that the feature request is an absolute must but I wouldn’t say no to some sort of option to make the initial folder creation follow the JHP line on holding down a modifier and create it next to the first corresponding track or group.
I did try with a split Project screen but the group still ended up at the bottom.

I disagree we’re “rummaging for workarounds” here because I haven’t seen it mentioned “many times” before and a workaround is for features that don’t work the way they should and this feature is working the way it should as it actually exists. ie: There is nowhere any mention that it should work as the OP suggests in the manual.
That said it’s a reasonable feature request. So the “I think…” can be dropped… I think.

I can confirm that this has been asked for since the days of SX. Not that it matters.

I think the better approach would be to ask for a new pref - “Put new group/FX tracks into folder track?” Y or N
That way there will be a legacy option.
The same can be said for instruments.
New tracks directly below selected track - of course.

As far as effects are concerned.
We need a proper EFFECTS RACK back!
With proper effects returns created automatically when a new item is added to the rack - not just group tracks with a different color. (placed into a folder… Or not)
That’s also something I’ve been begging for since last century.

Oh… And a visible column in the arrange page which displays the routing of ALL the tracks at a glance. Just like the old days of VST5.

I’ll stop there.