Feature request: Improved GPK-file handing in Elements 7

Hi, I would love go get the WaveLab options to “Create peak files in an independent folder” and “Delete peak files when closing Audio Files” in WaveLab Elements 7.


I also support this. It’s mentioned in the manual, but it’s not there. By removing those options, you removed functionality and not features. I bought Elements 7 because it appeared that only features are missing on the feature comparison list (I was OK with all of them), but removing core functionality is simply not OK.


I really enjoy WaveLab Elements 7 overall,
and understand, that there has to be some difference to the full version,
(and I really took quite some time to think about, what I actually wanted in this application,
but since I’m not a pro I went for Elements for now)
but imho it shouldn’t include those implemented restrictions to configuration and the like.
Leave this alone to some major features like Spectral Editor, DDP and the like !

I’m getting more and more anoyed with those .gpk-files cluttering my Samples drive after just loading
some wave-files for previewing from a folder into WaveLab.
This is really not necessary…

Just my 2 cents and a…

Bump !

Wish you well…

I will consider this for Elements.

I would also like the option to delete GPK’s when closing Wavelab Elements.
Why is that a FULL version only feature anyway? Why should Essential users have to have their hard drive space cluttered with GPK files?

I still can’t find this option in Elements (even) 8.
Did you reject the request?

Still not a feature in Elements, why?

I would love the option to “Create peak files in an independent folder”. This post from 2011 made the request. I’m using WL10 Pro… is it in here yet?

Yes, there:

Thank you, kindly!