Feature Request - Independent solo for Drum Editor and no Auto Scroll when editing tempo

When sequencing MIDI, I often use Solo from within the Key Editor but when changing to the Drum Map, Solo is still selected.

I would like to be able to have independent modes for solo, since why would I want to hear drums on their own by default?

Cubase and Nuendo are great programs but does anyone actually sequence music anymore because this situation has been this way for many years, now similar to editing Tempo nodes, while Auto Scroll is enabled, why would anyone serious about sequencing music actually want that?

It seems that no development resources actually go into making the program more usable, over time; options are just left to their defaults since forever throughout the application, and it hampers workflow.

I will be posting more feature requests during the Cubase and Nuendo 13 product cycles, and I may actually miss this iteration completely, unless something other than new features are implemented (or prices are decreased universally).