Feature request: Interval writing like lyrics writing

Often I have to write intervals over an already written voice over several bars. These intervals differ from tone to tone.
Currently I (1) have to call the interval writing function, (2) write the interval, (3) press the enter key, (4) switch to the next note and (5) call the interval writing function again.

I think it would be ideal if you would use the space bar in the Interval Write function to get to the next note, just like it is already implemented in the Lyrics function. Meaning: (1) Call the interval writing function, (2) write the interval, (3) press spacebar. This way you could very quickly enter a large number of DIFFERENT intervals.

What do you think about it?

Best regards

Why don’t you turn on Q (chords) and L (lock pitch) and then type note names?

Pianoleo is the Dorico genius !
Honestly, I think we users do not think about Q mode enough… Q and L together is totally an amazing powerful tool. And there since day 1, IIRC.

Thank you for your answer!
MarcLarcher, you are right, I don’t think so much about Q-Mode.
Still I have to switch to the next note with arrow keys AND have to change the rhythm etc. – or am I missing something?

And furthermore: I think this feature would be a nice service that seems to fit in Dorico’s principles.

Read my original response again. Q and L.

I think Leo meant lock duration… anyway I agree with Marc - pianoleo is pretty savvy! The OP should at least try the suggestion before commenting as arrow keys should not need to be used nor duration inputting. :wink:

Correct. L (Lock Duration) moves to the next note/rhythmic position once you type in a pitch (or simultaneous pitches–not sure you need Q for this) on a MIDI keyboard.

Actually, in this case, the arrow key is necessary because Q allows you to continue to add notes to build up a chord. The Q is needed because the OP wants to add to the already entered note (rather than overwrite it). Still, this workflow meets the request of mhamann in at least cutting down on a lot of user actions. Just type the note (or notes), arrow key, type the note, arrow key, etc.

The point I was trying to make is that with Q and L turned on, the right arrow key generally does what the OP is suggesting Space ought to do. The requested functionality is already there.

Yeah! I didn’t realize that I first have to activate note input to lock the duration. I typed first Q and L and then switched to Note Input and wasn’t aware of the fact, that only Q-mode was activated. (And musicmaven: You’re right, I was a bit irritated about “lock pitch”. :slight_smile:)

Thank you all very much! So much nice stuff to learn in Dorico… :slight_smile: (I’m looking forward to the time reading the complete documentation.)

A note for people who have the same problem: It makes sense to set the rhythmic grid to the highest possible value. Only then will the rhythmic value of the pauses be taken over when the pause length exceeds the rhythmic grid when selecting with the arrow keys.
An example: I initially set the rhythmic grid to 8ths. If there was a whole pause in a bar, I had to press the arrow key 8 times.

Is it possible to skip the pauses when selecting with the arrow keys?

EDIT: I have found it:
Now the space bar is exactly the thing I wanted. :slight_smile:

Dear mhamann,
Make sure you can easily increase/decrease the grid value (new shortcut)
I gave 1 and 2 for those in my keyboard shortcuts and now I use it all the time, real time saver!