Feature Request: Keep midi window open permanently

Hey apologies if this has already been said before, but some quick searching didn’t yield any recent topics.

But i would love for the MIDI editor window to remain open permanently, even after deleting a midi region. This is so that i can have a permanent view of any midi i select or deselect without having to re-open it again.

Thanks in advance!


This is not possible from the architecture point of view. The Key Editor is not bind to the Track, but it’s bind to the MIDI Part. So if there is no MIDI Part (or none is selected), there is nothing to show.

Ah such a shame. I wish this could be changed somehow. Thank you Martin!

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I don’t know how it works internally, but, from a user interface perspective, in the case that nothing is selected, it would make sense to just show the window as being empty or with a “nothing selected” message (similar to what the lower pane in the project window shows in certain circumstances).

I have to say I also find it frustrating that it closes when nothing is selected because I almost never use the lower pane for MIDI editing (too little vertical space), so I’m always opening having to reopen the key editor after it closes between periods of having selections. Quite a few times I am clicking directly from one MIDI clip to another, so it stays open, but then there are those times where I need to do something in between that deselects the MIDI clip and the window closes.


I wonder if a second monitor would solve your problem. With the MIDI editor on the second screen, by itself, it might be visible all the time, even if empty. Maybe you can find someone here with a 2 monitor setup to test for you.

No it will still go away if a MIDI Editor doesn’t have a Part open in it.

What using multiple monitors does facilitate is having multiple Editor Windows open at the same time - every time I go to edit a MIDI Part it opens in its own dedicated Window.


Yeah unfortunately, i have no shortage of monitors on my end (i use 4 total lol) but the issue is that the Key Editor disappears if you delete the midi region that was open.

me too - but ain’t it glorious to sit at the bridge of the Starship Enterprise

Sure is!!!