Feature request: Key Command Profile Export/import


It would be nice to be able to save and load (Export/import) existing KCs.

I wish there was a set of KCs similar to Cubase ( with its score editor) instead of learning all new things. This feature is available in Nuendo and Cubase and one can choose KC’s from other DAWs such as Protools to operate Cubase, for instance.

Also, if one changes the KC and would like to get it back to the default ( factory setting), how can he/she do it?

For resetting key commands, see here.

So when I modify KCs, does Dorico save it as say .XML file somewhere? so I can keep a copy of my custom KCs? I am asking this because I’d like to spend time do an experiment to adopt the Dorico’s KCs to Cubase’ ( transport and score editor).

If you dig around the forum a bit, you’ll find plenty of similar posts from new users looking to change Dorico’s key commands to be more like other software people are familiar with. You will also likely find plenty of replies from Dorico users who strongly recommend avoiding doing this, as although Dorico is different (as any software is different to other software), there is an internal logic that connects all its default key commands and if you give yourself some time to become acclimatised, you might find yourself enjoying them.

Learning new software can take time! Play around with key commands if you like, but approaching Dorico as its own thing rather than trying to bend it into a different shape could well benefit you in the long run.

I am aware of this Lillie. That is why I wanted to experiment and I am pretty sure I can get it to work. :slight_smile: Sorry, a stubborn guy here! :sunglasses: That could be said by Cubendo developersteam.

So you are saying the key commands don’t get saved as a user file somewhere! That is all I need until you guys decide to add my feature request.


I’m fairly sure I didn’t say anything about how key commands work technically - I was merely giving a philosophical opinion on approaching key commands in Dorico when you’re used to another software (as many Dorico users are, and I was myself) :slight_smile: