Feature request. Key command to solo random lanes

HNY folks. Just wondering if there is a key command to solo/toggle between lanes? I know there are commands where I can select a specific numbered lane. I can’t usually see what numbered lane I’m clicking on as I usually have a selection of about 20 .wav’s at at time and visually it’s difficult to figure out what is what. I’m on Mac. hope you can help. The defined key commands currently


I agree in meantime try this “Navigator Window”
possible to zoom in fast and select what you want to see

Yes, check
File > Preferences > Shortcuts
search on “Solo or Mute”
Navigation (Numeric Pad)
Solo Track or Lane

regards S-EH

Hi Thanks for this.

Definitely a good idea, but it felt a bit clunky to make work. Also I dont have a numeric keyboard, not sure if that speeds up the process.

On the picture attached. This is my view, with multiple lanes grouped to together with track groups. Is there any other simpler way to highlight and solo a lane?



That would help for sure.

This being said, I have found a minor bug when a solo is triggered from a shortcut: it is an “additive solo” and not an “exclusive solo”. This should be fixed.

Ok. So with this being fixed, would it make it easy to use a custom short cut to trigger solo on whatever lane I highlight, for example?

Yes, I agree.

Excellent news. Would this come in an incremental or major update?

This I can’t say yet. Maybe (there is a small update next month).

ok. Thanks so much.

Happy New Year!

@Gavin_McGrath FYI, several shortcuts will be available in the next minor update:

  • Toggle Active Lane Mute (L then U)
  • Toggle Active Lane Solo (L then O)
  • Activate Next Lane (L then arrow down)
  • Activate Next Lane and Unfold it exclusively (L then arrow right)
  • Activate Previous Lane (L then arrow up)
  • Activate Previous Lane and Unfold it exclusively (L then arrow left)
  • Fold/Unfold Activate Lane (L then =)
  • Unfold Activate Lane and fold all others (L then .)

You can, of course, change these shortcuts or better use a StreamDeck device.

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This is amazing news. This is going to save me a lot of time.

Thank you Thank you!

Do you have an idea when this update is coming out?


End of February.

Absolutely legend!!

Thank you!