FEATURE REQUEST: Library Manager > Locate missing libraries instead of requiring .vstsound reinstall

Some users have numerous content libraries for Cubase/Nuendo, HALion, Groove Agent, Padshop, Retrologue, The Grand, etc.

Sometimes those users must make changes to the drive configuration of a production computer which results in the library .vstsound files being in a different location.

Many other content management utilities (Native Instruments Native Access; Toontrack Product Manager, etc.), make it possible in this situation to specify an alternate location, whereupon the utility will auto-resolve the missing libraries.

Sadly, Steinberg Library Manager (SLM) does not offer such a function. SLM will show a warning that libraries are missing, and the user can see a list (which only shows 5 entries at a time, so if 300+ libraries are missing, the user must scroll line-by-line to see which are missing). There is no way to export or otherwise effectively use the generated list, and there is no way to resolve the location. The user has only one option, to “Unregister Missing Libraries”.

From other posts and documentation, it appears that the official solution for this situation is for the user to manually find all of the “missing” .vstsound files and double-click them to re-register them in SLM. However, there are a couple serious problems with this solution:

  1. Since the SLM warning is not very user-friendly, the user practically/realistically must know where all the missing files are and take significant time to manually re-register them.
  2. Because SLM only offers an unregister option, the user may try to be careful in re-registration but miss finding some of the listed files and never realize that the files are actually still missing in the future. (There is no easy way to be thorough and ensure that all “missing” files are indeed re-registered.)

Those in a busy studio cannot take time to address these tedious issues; instead, the software should include routines to locate missing libraries.

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