Feature request: Linear mode tempo editing?

So I have a Cubase project with a film, and I’m hosting multiple cues in the file using the same instruments. If I want to change the tempo of one cue, the cues after it are no longer at the same linear place in the video. Switching the tracks to time linear mode doesn’t help me, because now nothing responds to changes in the tempo track. Is there a solution for this? Is this a feature request?

It would be so convenient to be able to “lock” a tempo event or something so cues that are done stay locked at a tempo at that linear position in the film, even if I want to change the tempo of a cue that precedes it.

any ideas?

Not having used video I have to ask, is a video track the same as other tracks that can enable Musical or Linear mode?
I’ll look for myself later.
What I’m getting at is that something has to move when you change tempo unless it is held by a Hitpoint. Even so, something has to move somewhere, I imagine that some care is needed into preparing the state of the tracks prior to editing tempo might be needed. What I’m hoping is that, for you, it’s as simple as changing the priority mode of the track in the Pool as it seems to me you’re not asking the impossible. Maybe someone else can give you the simple solution you need.

I’m mainly concerned with MIDI tracks. My audio tracks can change to linear mode and stay, but if I switch the midi to linear, the midi no longer lines up with the click.

Video track is always has to be linear mode.

So the feature I’m describing would have to add bars or subtract bars, basically. Its hard to explain, but hypothetically lets say I have a tempo change to 120 BPM at 10 minutes in to the movie. If I have a piece of music at the beginning that is 60 BPM, the location of the tempo event at 10 minutes in is now dependent upon the first piece being exactly 60 BPM. If I change the tempo up to 70, suddenly my 120 BPM cue happens way earlier than the 10 minute mark. The feature I describe would let you make a LOCKED tempo event. Now, if I change my 60 BPM tempo event, Cubase has to do math and add or remove bars to compensate for my adjusting of the tempo. Almost always, I think the logical place to add the bars would be immediately before the tempo change to 120, since we dont want to change the start time of the 60 BPM event either by adding bars at the front.

So right now, I think the only solution for me is to do math and use the add bars function. I have to calculate how much time the 120BPM event has moved by, and at EXACTLY that amount of seconds in silence to keep the 120 BPM event at an exact point in time.

Have you had a look at the Process Tempo and Process Bars Dialogs?

yea and unfortunately I dont see how that will help. I still have to calculate how many bars to add or subtract if I use the process bars dialog. If I use process tempo, all that does is help determine a tempo, not place a tempo event at a specific point in time.I guess another method is to move everything and create a new event once the first tempo has been changed. Its just kind of annoying because every time I change the first tempo event, anything that occurs after has to be readjusted manually to compensate. i guess its something for the developers to think about, since maybe there is a way to make this easier.

Yep, I know the problem. I’ve got no special answers but what I try to do is to start at the start and proceed through the film to the end making sure that I have everything to the left done and fixed in tempo before I move forward to the next cue or section.

If someone comes back with an edit and I need to change the tempo then I usually end up creating a sub-version of the project to work on that cue only say, then I render it and import it into either back into the main project (so I don’t have to change the tempo) or a new project where I rebuild the section say. Or even working beyond the end of the project…

I have requested a few times that Steinberg allow us to nest projects, then we could keep each cue section in it’s own project with it’s own tempo, and have it play in a master project with all the others. This is how Premiere works for film editing and it’s very intuitive for editing and re-editing specific sequences and then joining them to create the final program. Something like this in Cubase would very much help film music composition.


DP8 just came out for windows. I think it might have this feature.