Feature request - linked windows


Working with two monitors, or even two desktops on one screen, it would be amazing if one could have a full score in one window, and a dynamically changing part in the other, according to the current selection in the full score.
This is a very common timesaving workflow with DAWs - a window showing a detailed view or a MIDI roll of the currently selected track in the main ‘tracking’ view.

That’s it. Thank you very much.

This is already possible - open a new project window and have the score open in one and a part in the other - selecting a bar in the score causes those notes to appear highlighted in the part in the other window.

Thank Lillie, but I meant an even higher form of linkage (:grin:) as in the part window dynamically changing from, say, the violin part to the piano part according to the selection in the score window.

We don’t have any current plans for anything like this, but it’s certainly a possibility for the future.

Thanks :slight_smile: