A lock switch in the layer-panel, to protect the selected layer so that it cant accidantly changed or manipulated or moved.

What do you mean by this? Can you please explain further or elaborate further and maybe demonstrate with examples (photos) so I can get a better sense of what you mean by locking.

When you work with many layers in your project, it would be very usefull, to have the option to protect layers from unwanted changes. In Cubase there is an similar option (see screenshot) that allows you protect a layer but you can also solo/mute the layer to use it for your ongoing work. I think that is an more usfull solution than make backup-copys of “important” layers and move them into folders to protect them this way.

Lock Layer

Ohhhh okay, I understand better now. Yes that makes sense, maybe perhaps a locked layer can be placed right next to the “color active layer” control button

That would be great!

Duly noted !