Feature Request: Logic-style Musical Typing

After a very long time using Pro Tools, I’ve come back to Logic, and I’ve found the Musical Typing feature to be quite genius, and as someone that tends to compose away from my keyboard, is extremely useful to me. In Dorico, I tend to just input the notes with a mouse, but composing would be a much more enjoyable experience if I could just run the click and play away. Are there any plans for a feature like this?

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but you can play music on a MIDI keyboard to a click in Dorico.

Using the mouse to position notes on the staff is always the worst and slowest method, in any software. There are several different ways that you can enter note pitches and rhythms using the QWERTY keyboard, plus-or-minus a MIDI keyboard.

I’m specifically referring to this:

You’re essentially using your computer keyboard as a midi controller. As I compose on a laptop in different places, an actual keyboard isn’t always an option.

You can enter pitches with the keys A to G. And there are modifiers for octave and accidentals.

There is also a virtual piano keyboard (and other input things for strings and percussion.) Yes, you have to use the mouse, but in conjunction with key presses for duration, etc.