Feature Request - Lyrics reader following transport

On tablet version, can you consider incorporating a lyric reader into the main transport view? The lyric reader could scroll or flip page broken down by Verse, Chorus , Middle8 etc. in following the timeline - a simple text reader?

As a solo artist this would make things much easier to have both the remote transport controls and lyrics together on screen whilst recording vocals.

Looking forward to the Android version coming out as I’m currently using an iPad 1 which is slow and have nexus 7 in the wings…

I hope that the developers will read these suggestions, because this will be a great option: The Lyrics Prompter in Cubase iC Pro.
Lyrics on a piece of paper can cause some unwanted noises and when you don’t have the lyrics in front of you, lots of singers will not sing straight into the microphone because they look a little bit down, to left or to the right, depending on where the lyrics are.
It would be be great when there is a universal tablet clamp which you can place at a position where you can read the lyrics and sing straight into the microphone. Cubase iC Pro can be the app to display the lyrics and have them in sync with the song.
Just copy and paste the lyrics in the lyrics reader of a feature version of Cubase and then draw a view song positions to the right parts in the lyrics so the lyrics are in sync with the song.
Now I use sometimes VisoPrompt for Android, but that is not in sync with the song. In some cases a karaoke style will be great (where the words are marked when you must sing them), but then you have to spend a lot of time in placing the words at the right notes.

That would be cool! +1