Feature Request: macro knobs for realtime

While mod matrix associations and modwheel RH-mouse bindings may be saved into a preset, realtime MIDI controllers may be customized istantly with MIDI learn in a Cubase project and produce automation curves in a Cubase track, but not saved in the preset, so when I go to another Cubase project I need to do the midi learn again.
I can make my MIDI cc bindings “default”, but if I change my mind after 6 months all my previous presets won’t sound properly.
Realtime MIDI cc are important either when I need to toggle a special fx or sound just in a precise moment of time, or when I need to move a parameter in Padshop that is not in the modulation destinations (e.g. random direction, filter envelope gain, gate in the arp, amount of fxs). Currenty only modwheel can do that, but modwheel is a little cluttered because it’s also used in many modmatrix columns since it’s the only one. 16 columns-modmatrix-per layer is a beast of modmatrix, an absolute plus for Padshop, and one only realtime MIDIcc is too little.
Other synths resolved this issue with macro knobs. In fact these macro are accessed by the DAW as M1, M2…, for instance associated to Cubase track quick controls. Cubase side, it knows that those knobs will be M1, M2… for each preset, but in the preset interface the macro knob may be renamed sensibly and directed to any knob in the interface as the modwheel is, with min-max. Hence we might save a preset that enables the user to enjoy realtime control prepared by the preset developer, and enhance the things that can be done with Padshop. Steinberg please listen. If anybody else likes this proposal please like or reply.