Feature request - make it easier to see where zero crossings are in audio montage

Currently in the audio montage there’s no easy way to see where zero crossings are in clips, so it makes it difficult to sequence gapless tracks. I know there’s a way to calculate it in the audio editor view, but as I’ve seen PG say before, calculating zero crossings in a stereo file doesn’t make much sense since it’s rare that both left and right channels have a zero crossing in the same spot. This is the main reason why I’ve always done it by eye in the past when using Reaper. We already have lines at the halfway points for some reason, any chance we can also add a zero line too? Pretty please?

What do you call a "zero line " ? In the following clip view, I see a zero line.

I must say that with certain other style/skin, this line is less visible. But this is editable in the preferences.

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I think I should change the default for this zero-line color in some factory presets. They currently don’t contrast enough.

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Thanks for the reply! I definitely did a double take when I saw your screenshot, as I’d never noticed anything that visible. But I quickly figured out why I was confused. When the clip is not selected (and is dark) those lines are pretty easy to see. When the clip is selected, that zero line is impossible to see.

So at the very least I will try to deselect the clip before zooming in. I did try to dive into the color theme settings before I posted this, but I hadn’t caught anything that seemed relevant in a quick skim through. I don’t think I realized how many of those lines could be expanded for more options. I will try to mess with that today and see if I can pick some colors that are more vivid. Thanks again!

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